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Ramsay Taplin’s 3 Strategies to Improve Blogging Skills

Ramsay Taplin (founder of BlogTyrant) is a passionate blogger with a unique style. Started as a part-time blogger, he kept going with his vision and an inner desire to build a successful blog. Today, with over 20,000 subscribers, full-time income from his blog and a loyal follower-ship of Tyrant Troops (as he calls his blog community), Blog [...]

July 19th, 2016|Categories: Blogging, Website|Tags: , , , |

SmartBlogger Blog Analysis – 11 Key Lessons for Bloggers

If you are a blogger, it is unlikely that you have not heard about Jon Morrow or his SmartBlogger blog (previously Boost Blog Traffic). He started BoostBlogTraffic blog in 2012 and recently transformed it into SmartBlogger. SmartBlogger provides authoritative and quality information for bloggers and writers. It encourages and helps the average bloggers to become [...]

June 13th, 2016|Categories: Blogging, Website|Tags: , , , , |

My Story of Personal Blogging – Days 501 to 600

On 19th of March 2016, this blog completed 600 days of its journey. If you have read the previous chapters of my blogging journey, you must be aware that every 100 days, I write about my experiences and lessons learnt to share my blogging and writing journey with you. The aim is to give you [...]

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3 Email Lists You Need to Join if You Are a New Blogger

Books are a difficult choice if you want to learn blogging. I am not aware of many books that successful bloggers have written to pass on their learning and experience to others. And even if they have which I am not aware of, blogging is such a dynamic and fast-changing field that your best bet [...]

March 13th, 2016|Categories: Blogging, Website|Tags: , , , |

Why You Need Blog Audience Profiles? (Including 3 Examples)

The topic I am going to cover in this article has many names. Marketing personas, audience profiles or visitor's segmentation. They all serve the same purpose - to define and know more about your readers and visitors. If you are a blogger, this means your blog audience and readers. For effective and targeted writing, it is [...]

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