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LG G4 Strengths, Weaknesses & Passes – Review After 2 Months of Use

3rd of August to 4th of October, I have enjoyed my 2-months long journey with the LG's 2015 flagship Android - the G4. It is the time now to say good bye to this phone. But before I do that, here is the last article for you in which I am going to give you my [...]

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How Well did LG G4 with Leather Back Resisted Marks & Scratches?

3rd of August to 26th of September. LG G4 has been my personal smartphone for 55 days. I have used it as my daily driver for nearly two months now and it is the time to share my feedback with you about its scratch resistance. I am a relatively careful user of my mobile phones [...]

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LG G4 User Interface Review (UI) – Has LG Done Enough?

Before starting to write about LG G4 user interface, I have used the Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and Nexus 6 in the last few months. And I reviewed each one of them for their user interface which they offer to the end user. Nexus 6 had the pure stock Android Lollipop - it was [...]

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LG G4 Camera Quality Review for a Common User

In 2015, I was anxiously waiting for the LG G4 to have it in my hands. None of the design, specs or features was the main reason for this mild form of anxiety. The main reason was to try its primary camera. G3 last year impressed me with the quality of images it took for me. This year, I [...]

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LG G4 Design Review – Build Quality, Feel & Look

The microscope is on. This time with a “design-centric” hat. LG’s 2015 Android flagship smartphone is under the lights. It is the LG G4 design review that I am going to share with you in this article. You might be thinking of getting this phone or you might want to compare it against another major [...]

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