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LG G3 Feedback: Strengths and Weaknesses

Android smartphone market is tough and competitive nowadays. Flagship smartphones have very little between them to differentiate and give one a clear win over the other. Most of the time it comes to personal circumstances and choices to decide between these top end mobile phones. There are always good and bad points associated with every [...]

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LG G3 Macro Performance – Fast & Impressive

You want to know about the LG G3 macro performance and close-up photos? You are in a right place. I have owned an LG G3 for more than a month now and one thing I actually liked about this phone is its camera operation. I am going to share my feedback with you in this [...]

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LG G3 Design Review – Feel and Look

This is strictly a review of the LG G3's design, look and feel only. Nothing else. We all know that this phone is a flagship model from LG and has a strong set of specifications for this year (2014). I will not go into the technical details at all. I am sure you can get the technical information easily. [...]

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