You will get straight-to-the-point, clear and unbiased feedback and reviews on personal technology here.

A platform where everything is written from personal experience and based on real-life feedback. No gossips, no rumours and no influences.

How it feels is how it’s told.


What is Covered?

This platform will expand in scope and coverage in future.

For now, it is started with my personal tastes and the topics which I feel passionate about. If you have an idea that you would like to contribute with, feel free to get in touch.

Presently, REASONTOUSE covers;

  1. In smartphones, Android flagships and Android apps.
  2. In computers, Chromebooks and compatible software.
  3. In websites, Blogging and WordPress.


We Value Your Opinion

You are at the heart of this platform – the end user.

Your opinion matters, you feedback is valued and your thoughts are welcome.

I am only facilitating a platform where technology users can share their thoughts and raise their voice. You can either contribute via comments or write on this platform if there is something you want to help others with.

My vision is to build a platform with a genuine voice of the end-user and the average consumer.

Something which technology industry can not ignore.